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It pains me to say this but it’s true. When Another Me was first released it wasn’t ‘that strong’ as expected, sales wise. I heard it was so bad it even came to a point where k-ins asked fans not to search Sunggyu on Naver so that ‘Sunggyu failure’ won’t be no. 1.. Remember, Myungsoo even mentioned it in a drunk stupor (when his sitcom ended abruptly due to low ratings and saying at least Gyu’s album was a failure, too)?

I never understood it, though. I’m not saying this as an INSPIRIT and Gyu-biased, but every single track on that album is awesome..

I want to give Leader-nim a hug.. He was hurt bad enough when people said he was ugly during debut and had to be replaced as the center. He may smile or laugh about it when asked on variety shows, but I don’t believe he got over that hurt… And then to hear his solo album was a failure.. T.T Must have been a big blow to his confidence, we know he loves music sooo much.. And he’s INFINITE’s leader…

His album is doing good now, though.. But it’s sad to know the pain is still with Sunggyu..

  • Woolim:

    Ok so in the music video for 'Back' you guys will be filming many fight scenes

  • Infinite:


  • Woolim:

    Hoya, Sunggyu, Sungyeol, and L, - you guys will be filming the intense scenes with lots of punching and kicking

  • HY&SG&SY&L:

    Sweet cool

  • Woolim:

    Dongwoo we're going to give you a skateboard to fight with

  • Dongwoo:

    Wait bu-

  • Woolim:

    Sungjong we're going to give you a umbrella to fight with

  • Sungjong:

    No wai-

  • Woolim:

    And Woohyun you're just going to get beat up a lot.

  • Woohyun:


For intl. fans like me ^^

Here’s a fangirl’s step-by-step guide to watching K-pop music shows

Mnet M! Countdown

1606 CJ E&M Centre,


Mapo-gu, Seoul

How to get there:

Take Seoul Subway Line 6 and get off at Digital Media Station. Head for Exit 2 where you can take a bus or a taxi. To go by bus, cross the street and take bus number 7711. Get off at Sangam Digital Media City Public Information Hall (3rd stop). The quicker way is by taxi (cabs are immediately available at the exit). Taxi fare is approximately KRW 3,000 (P120).

How to get in:

Go to the 2nd floor of the studio. Make sure you come before 8 a.m. because there is a fan coordinator there who counts the number of people allowed inside and writes numbers on your wrist. Once you get a number, they will ask you to come back in the afternoon for the live broadcast.

Useful Tips:

Check if M! Countdown is airing on the day you are going. Sometimes the show broadcasts from overseas or is cancelled to give way to other programming. If the show is airing, check to make sure that your favourite group will be performing and bring their latest CD along with you.

KBS Music Bank

Yeouido-dong 18,

Yeongdeungpu-gu, Seoul

How to get there:

Taking a taxi from anywhere in Central Seoul to Yeouido-dong is very expensive and can go up to approximately KRW 20,000 (P800). Best alternative is to take Seoul Subway Line 9 and get off at the National Assembly Station. Head for Exit 4 and walk straight till the end of the street. Turn right and keep walking straight till you see the gate of KBS. The broadcast is at the New Wing Open Hall towards your right.

How to get in:

You can apply online ( or call the studio at the end of every broadcast. Tickets granted will be for the following week’s show. You can also try your luck by going to KBS early and lining up as an unregistered audience member. KBS gives slots to people lined up as unregistered audience in the event that registered audience ticket holder fails to show up.

Useful Tips:

If you have a Korean friend ask for assistance, because it’s best to call immediately after the broadcast rather than register online. Though not really required, bringing a CD of your favorite artist may prove helpful. Local fans try to help overseas fans as much as they can.


SBS Inkigayo


58-1, Gangseo-gu, Seoul

How to get there:

Take Seoul Subway Line 9 and get off Gayang Station. From Exit 10, walk towards your left. Keep walking straight until you see the SBS studio on your left.

How to get in:

Based on a personal 2012 Inkigayo show experience, to get in you must look for your favourite artist fan club sign on the sidewalk of the SBS studio. You have to take a photo of yourself beside the paper sign and send an MMS to the mobile number indicated on the sign. This is actually the fan club coordinator’s number. When the coordinator arrives s/he will write down your number in the line by order of MMS received. Do not leave your line unless they tell you to come back later.

Useful Tips:

Your phone’s roaming function needs to be turned on in order to send the MMS. To avoid network problems a Korean SIM card or rental phone comes in handy.

MBC Music Core

MBC Dream Center,

Ilsan, South Korea

How to get there:

This studio is the farthest among the four – Ilsan is about an hour by train from Central Seoul. Take Seoul Subway Line 3 and get off Jeongbalsan Station. Head for Exit 1 and walk straight then turn right at the park for a more scenic walk. At the end of the street turn left. You will see a stop light – the studio is just across it.

How to get in:

To watch the pre-recordings, go to Ilsan as early as 8 a.m., look for the fan club coordinators at the studio grounds, and line up with a CD of your favourite artist. To watch the live broadcast, go around noon. Show your CD to the fan coordinators and tell them you are from overseas. They will write a number on your wrist. You then have to wait in line until everyone is allowed inside the studio.

Useful Tips:

Though the farthest among all studios, this is the easiest to get into as one need only attach to a fan club. It’s always prudent to bring two different artist CDs so that if the slots for one fan club is already filled you can present your second CD to another fan club.

cr: WittleJeh

Source: Sparkling Magazine, Summer 2013 issue

Article by: Gigi Dimaano-Melodias

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