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It pains me to say this but it’s true. When Another Me was first released it wasn’t ‘that strong’ as expected, sales wise. I heard it was so bad it even came to a point where k-ins asked fans not to search Sunggyu on Naver so that ‘Sunggyu failure’ won’t be no. 1.. Remember, Myungsoo even mentioned it in a drunk stupor (when his sitcom ended abruptly due to low ratings and saying at least Gyu’s album was a failure, too)?

I never understood it, though. I’m not saying this as an INSPIRIT and Gyu-biased, but every single track on that album is awesome..

I want to give Leader-nim a hug.. He was hurt bad enough when people said he was ugly during debut and had to be replaced as the center. He may smile or laugh about it when asked on variety shows, but I don’t believe he got over that hurt… And then to hear his solo album was a failure.. T.T Must have been a big blow to his confidence, we know he loves music sooo much.. And he’s INFINITE’s leader…

His album is doing good now, though.. But it’s sad to know the pain is still with Sunggyu..

  • Woolim:

    Ok so in the music video for 'Back' you guys will be filming many fight scenes

  • Infinite:


  • Woolim:

    Hoya, Sunggyu, Sungyeol, and L, - you guys will be filming the intense scenes with lots of punching and kicking

  • HY&SG&SY&L:

    Sweet cool

  • Woolim:

    Dongwoo we're going to give you a skateboard to fight with

  • Dongwoo:

    Wait bu-

  • Woolim:

    Sungjong we're going to give you a umbrella to fight with

  • Sungjong:

    No wai-

  • Woolim:

    And Woohyun you're just going to get beat up a lot.

  • Woohyun:


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